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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is the tailored application of yoga to health issues and concerns.  While general yoga can help with some ailments, yoga therapy is needed for the majority of others in order to provide all clients with a safe, comfortable and effective yoga practice. 

For general information on yoga therapy, please visit the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

How is Yoga Therapy Different Than Yoga?

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Yoga Therapists:

  • can work in private practice as well as be integrated into existing health care services;

  • can work with clients on an individual basis as well as in very small, therapeutically focused groups;

  • work with the person as a whole, not just focused on one or two problem areas;

  • work with each client to determine the personalized direction of care;

  • can enrich the lives of their clients and vice versa!

What Conditions Can Yoga Therapists Work With?

cardiovascular disease

respiratory disease

endocrine disorders

immunity/ autoimmune disease

reproductive & urinary system concerns

nervous system, neuromuscular disorders

chronic pain disorders

digestive system diseases

cancer treatment recovery

musculoskeletal issues, posture work, spinal alignment

burnout & adrenal fatigue support

pregnancy & postpartum recovery

emotional health (mild depression, anxiety, anger)

sleep issues

lifestyle improvement

stress management

perimenopause & menopause support

grief & bereavement

injury, illness & surgery recovery

headaches & migraines

and more...

Yoga therapy is as old as yoga itself, but until recently, it was only viewed as a mysterious form of alternative medicine. Now, it is prescriptible support for serious medical conditions, backed by science.
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